PUSH Green!

People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH) has announced their newest energy efficiency endeavor : PUSH Green!

PUSH is targeting low income areas to push for energy efficiency upgrades using the GJGNY legislation. They will explain the options and opportunities the home owners have to reduce their utility costs and improve the durability and safety of their homes. This is great news for the region and for the energy efficiency industry because of their ability to reach out and cover large ground. This work will also help to increase green jobs in the region!

Buffalo Energy is thrilled to be working with PUSH  and to have been active in partnering with them over the years. We continue to work with them on their new projects, providing HERS Ratings for several projects on Mass avenue within the PUSH Green Development zone.

Here is an article from the Buffalo News explaining PUSH Green.


Lastly, here is a photo Bernice took of one of the buildings PUSH is currently working on. Great project! This will be a key focal point for the Mass Ave/Chenango neighborhood and it’s energy efficient!

New Buffalo Brewery, Buffalo Energy and Preservation Studios – BRO Article

Today this article was posted on Buffalorising.com!



We are working together with New Buffalo Brewing, HUNT real estate and Preservation Studios to get the most incentive dollars to make this project work.  We are excited and thankful to Chris @ Hunt real estate for bringing us all to the table.

We love energy efficiency and historical buildings and we also LOVE beer. We are thrilled to see Buffalo finally getting local micro breweries and be a part of Buffalo’s progress.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago. We swear we have more growlers now. A new growler picture will be posted soon.