BN Reports that NY State extends solar power incentive program

The state is extending the incentives available for solar projects by realloacting more than $6 million in unused funding toward its NY­Sun programs. The incentives, or rebates, are meant to lower the costs of residential, small­commercial and largecommercial, solar­power projects in the state and to support wider adoption of green sources of energy, according to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, or NYSERDA. Western New York is part of the upstate residential and non­residential regions of the NY­Sun Solar Megawatt Block program. The total value of the incentives offered through the program is based on the amount of energy allocated to each region of the state, and the value of the incentives decreases as projects completed within a region hit certain targets, as measured in megawatts. Once a megawatt block’s capacity is fully subscribed, NYSERDA said, the unused funds are reallocated to the current block in that region. NY­Sun reallocated uncommitted funds in cases where projects in a region were canceled or where the scope or funding of a project changed. With the extension, the upstate residential block will see an increase of four megawatts, to 35 megawatts, with $2 million added to the current block. The upstate non­residential block will see an increase of five megawatts, to 33 megawatts, with $1.8 million added. In Erie and Niagara counties, according to the authority, 772 residential solar projects totaling 5.8 megawatts and 195 small commercial projects totaling six megawatts have been completed, along with eight large commercial projects totaling three megawatts. See the article here!

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