Let’s Talk About Smart LED Lighting Solutions!

LED Lighting is all the rage these days!

Doing a LED lighting conversion for your building’s light fixtures can save you 50% – 80% on your energy usage, it lasts five times longer than the old bulbs and the paybacks are insanely quick! With incentives, the paybacks are even better. There are a variety of different lighting options in the LED world – bulbs of all shapes and sizes. Finally our industry has figured out how to make a sexy product that makes financial sense to our customers.

So what’s up with this photo below?

We wanted to walk the walk and talk the talk. What you are seeing in the photo is our office being converted to 18 Watt LED Self Ballasted Tube Lighting. What is great about this is this LED lighting is a warm, sunny tone and just by clipping some wires and taking out the ballasts – a 30% reduction is achieved instantly. Coupled with the reduced wattage, we are saving a total of 60% on our electric usage for our overhead lighting!

photo 3 (11)

Smart LED Lighting Solutions can reduce usage by 50 – 80% ! Once we create a lighting solution plan, you will save money on energy, maintenance and there are incentives out there to pay for it!

While this may seem like a simple retrofit, lighting deserves to be designed because getting it wrong can mean spending extra money on the wrong equipment and tenant discomfort.

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