Buffalo Energy Mentioned In The September Spree Article About The Seniors In Our Community Adopting Energy Efficiency To Ensure Comfort Long Through Retirement.

HOME: Aging in place

Adapting for the golden years

Buffalo Spree /September 2015 /HOME: Aging in place

By Kelly Hayes McAlone

When Carol Siracuse and Tom Palamuso met in 1999, both were recently widowed and shared passion for travel, sailing, and design—but not the same town. Siracuse lived in Fredonia and Palmuso on Granger Place in Buffalo. When they decided to marry in 2001, choosing where to live was a momentous decision, in part because they wanted a home that would accommodate aging into retirement. A loft would work, but they couldn’t find one near the amenities they considered essential. They also really liked the Elmwood Village and Tom was still attached to his Granger Place home, which he’d been restoring since he and his first wife bought it in 1980.


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