Frequently Asked Questions

Incentive amounts vary and are dependent on household income and the efficiency needs of the home. Total incentives amounts can range from $2,500 to over $25,000.

Incentives are typically used for the replacement of low-efficiency heating and cooling equipment with high-efficiency models, upgrading insulation, and air sealing tasks.

Accessing incentives requires an application to the program, an Energy Assessment, and work scope approval prior to installation.

You need to be a NYS resident and own or rent a home that receives energy from one of the major utility suppliers (i.e. NYSEG, Nat Grid, RGE, National Fuel).

The higher your income the lower the incentives. The program will need to see income verification in the form of a tax return or one month paystubs for all income to the household.

If you receive HEAP, SNAP, TANF or SSI benefits, you will qualify automatically for the most incentives. You must provide a current program Award Letter.

Wages, disability, worker’s compensation, unemployment, pension, veteran’s benefits.

No. The Program will need the landlords permission to do work before they will approve your application.

50% of the units have to income qualify for the program up to 4 units.

Yes. You have to supply all pages of your utility bill for gas and electric. The name on the bills should be the name of the applicant.

Insulation measures have the most incentives because they save the most energy relative to their cost. Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Water Heaters are also highly incentivized. Fewer incentives are provided for gas furnaces and boilers.

Energy Audit is an information gathering process about your homes energy usage. A qualified technician identifies the efficiency and condition of your heating and cooling equipment and insulation levels in the entire home. They also perform testing for air leakage and equipment efficiency and then provide upgrade recommendations.

If you qualify for the EmPower+ program, the cost of the Energy Audit is paid for by the program.

No, we do not install windows. We focus on insulation, air sealing and high efficiency heating and cooling equipment.

No. Roof and siding replacement are not eligible for any program incentives.

No. We do not install solar panels.